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New Wholesale Floral Buyers

Whether you’ve never used locally grown before or you’re a committed local flower enthusiast, Stemz is here for you. 

We provide expert local sourcing to florists who seek high-quality, inspiring ingredients. We make it easy to receive too. Stemz does the work of multi-farm communication & gathering of ingredients into one simple order, delivered to your studio door in fresh buckets of water. 

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“Stemz always offers better quality, more unique, and more sustainable blooms than any other wholesaler. It doesn’t hurt that everything is stunning – and supports the local economy. I love checking in each week to see something new!”

- Grace | Joneswell Flower

Why Source Local?

  • Support other local businesses in your community
  • Find inspiring, high-quality, specialty ingredients
  • Improve the sustainability of your business
  • Work with the freshest, cleanest ingredients
  • Supply the trending consumer preference for local options
  • Contribute to the growth of cut-flower farms in the US

“If you are looking for the most incredible variety of fresh, locally grown flowers, look no further than Stemz! Their creative and innovative approach to bridging the gap between creatives and farmers is truly amazing. The Stemz team has been amazing to work with since day one and as a newcomer to the floral industry.”

- Rachel | Flowerbarre NC

Buying Local Flowers, Made Easy

  • Direct delivery and convenient pick-up locations.
  • Priority Advance Ordering available based on predictive seasonality weeks to months in advance – with a supportive Local Flower Guide as your point person along the way.
  • Multi-farm communication, sourcing, and aggregation of flowers to fulfill orders on a larger scale. 
  • Easy-to-use tech and attentive customer service.
  • Last minute online shopping via our Live Field Inventory.

Current Service Regions

Stemz services Central & Eastern NC, with plans to grow!

See here for specific delivery routes & pick-up locations offered now.

Stemz not in your area? Let us know where you’re located. Stemz’ vision is to expand through regional distribution hubs on a nationwide scale. We hope to serve you soon!

Current Service Regions

STEMZ currently serves Charlotte, the Piedmont Triad & greater Raleigh/Durham area.

See here for specific delivery routes & pick-up locations offered now.

Stemz not in your area? Let us know where you’re located. Stemz’ vision is to expand through regional distribution hubs on a nationwide scale. We hope to serve you soon!

Influencing Future Seasons Together...

Stemz creates designer-influenced Grow Guides for our Farm Partners throughout the year. This helps communicate floral designers’ trending needs so that flower farmers’ supply is incredibly relevant and desirable to florists in the upcoming season.

By being a Stemz Buyer and sharing feedback, you are contributing to shaping and strengthening our local economy as a whole. 

Ready to source local flowers now? Register as a Wholesale Floral Buyer. It’s quick, easy and completely free to join. 

Buyer FAQs

Have a question that isn’t answered below? Please send us a message.

Just fill out our online registration form. It’s simple, quick, and completely free to register as a Wholesale Buyer. All you will need is basic information and a completed Certificate of Tax Exemption.

You can place a Priority Advance Order (aka “PAO”) weeks to months in advance through our seasonally guided online ordering process. We fulfill requests in the order they are received, so earlier is always better.

Plus, with PAOs, you will be connected to a supportive Local Flower Guide to answer questions, communicate updates and ensure a successful order fulfillment.

You can place an online order through our Live Field Inventory (aka “LFI”) 2-10 days in advance of your needed receiving date. Monday is the last day to place an LFI order each week. 

LFI is our traditional e-commerce shop that reflects crops that farmers have ready to cut in their field in real time. Its dynamic availability cycle runs from the current week’s Tuesday to the following week’s Monday. The window to buy ends every Monday at 4pm. All orders made within this window can be delivered or picked up on the Wed, Thurs or Friday immediately following the Monday 4pm cut-off (based on your receiving method). 

Seasonality is built into our online ordering system. You enter a receiving date, whether 2 days or 2 months in advance, and our online shopping experience will offer seasonal choices (with photos, pricing, details) based on the receiving date you entered.

Stemz partners with 30+ experienced cut-flower growers. Through this local network of varying sized farms, we are able to aggregate ingredients to fulfill larger orders for buyers in need of 10+ bunches per ingredient.

E.g. You order 30 bunches of burgundy dahlias through Stemz. Stemz sources 15 BU from Farmer A, 10 BU from Farmer B, and 5 BU from Farmer C. In partnership with a wide network of local growers, paired with intuitive tech and thoughtful logistics, Stemz is able to fulfill the buyer request for 30 total bunches of beautiful, local dahlias.

Currently, Stemz sells stunning local flowers and foliage from the beginning of February through the end of November. Experience the joy of first tulips in February, the intoxicating fragrance of sweet peas in April, the power of peonies in May, the abundance of lisianthus in July, and the warmth of dahlias all fall…

*Special December orders may be accepted on a limited basis. 

Our current minimum is $100 per delivery (or $50 per pick-up) for orders placed through our Live Field Inventory. We require a higher $200 minimum for all Priority Advance Orders (whether by delivery or pick-up).

  • We currently service Charlotte, the Piedmont Triad & Raleigh/Durham area with direct deliveries and convenient pick-up locations. Please see here for specific routes and timing. 
  • Direct deliveries are $15-20 based on your location. Pick-up at one of our distribution partners’ coolers is $12. Winston-Salem Hub pick-up is free.

Deliveries are carried out by our own friendly Stemz drivers or through our incredibly kind and helpful distribution partners. Our only current distribution partner is Derita Floral Supply– they deliver all Stemz orders in CLT & surrounding areas.

Our goal is to make local flowers easier for everyone. By partnering with traditional wholesalers in certain areas, we create an efficient & realistic way to accomplish this goal. Traditional wholesalers have built-in infrastructure, coolers, and established distribution routes that enable more buyers to plug into local flowers seamlessly, which also boosts more sales for our farmers.

All in all, working together for the benefit of our buyers & farmers feels right to us.

“Stemz makes our world better – every week. Local just tastes better.”

- Henry | University Florist